Privacy Policy

Unless we are forced to do so by law, Work Fashionista will never disclose your personal information to third parties without first getting your permission.

Your personal information may be used to build a profile of you and deliver tailored content, such as adverts, to you.


In order to deliver personalized content, including adverts, we may use cookies and other technologies to gather information about your online activities on our website and other websites.

Cookies are little files that a web browser stores. They provide a means of user identification and data storage. Other websites that the user visits in the future may be able to access this information, which raises some privacy issues.

Although a cookie is not a virus, it can nevertheless hold personal data about you, such as your name, address, phone number, or credit card information. Cookies are also used by websites to remember login sessions and the goods in your shopping cart.

Organizations use beacons for a variety of purposes such as monitoring how frequently you visit their website or ensuring that you do not view a certain advertisement too frequently.

Personal Information Management

You provide us with personal information when you use our services. Additionally, we keep track of your online activities on both our website and other websites.

We use this information to deliver and enhance our services, such as by giving you a better tailored experience, keeping in touch with you about our services, and for security reasons.

We may also disclose your information to third parties, but only with your permission or in the following situations:

  • When we must divulge it to comply with a legal requirement or court order 
  • To maintain database accuracy 
  • To safeguard another person’s critical interests
  • To deliver our newsletters to you
  • For the benefit of the public 
  • Sending you promotional materials for our newest goods and services
  • Sharing contests and advertising details with you

Your Individual Data

It concerns making sure that the information we gather about you is handled properly and legally. As a result, we won’t give, sell, or otherwise disclose your information to anyone (private or public).

Providing you with more information about our practices for using and disclosing your data can help you better understand your rights.

Inform Us

You have the option to sign up with us, and you can:

  • Your personal information is always up for modification or deletion.
  • You can ask us to cease contacting you with marketing materials at any time.
  • If you choose to receive marketing communications from us, only then will we do so.
  • Your personal information won’t be given to other parties for their own marketing campaigns.

To Halt The Upload

You also have the right to prevent us from using your personal information. Additional rights include:

  • You can request that we stop using your information and stop processing it.
  • By contacting us at any time using the provided contact information, you can request that we delete, update, or correct any personal information we may have about you.
  • Similarly, if you wish us to discontinue using your personal information, please get in touch with our data protection officer.

Revised Privacy Policies

We reserve the right to sometimes update this privacy statement. So that you can stay informed about the same, we kindly ask that you check it frequently or whenever it suits you.


You can connect with us using the contact form to inform us about any changes you want to be made to your details. 

Work Fashionista makes visitors aware of its data collection techniques on its website to reassure clients that the company takes customer privacy seriously. We also let users know what actions the company is taking to address any issues with how their data is handled by the company.

Work Fashionista has your data under control as long as we abide by the Data Protection Act and customer dissatisfaction.